Pre-registration for contingents and international groups is open!

In order to plan the most perfect experience for our international guests, we need a pre-registration from your contingent/group, with an estimation of numbers as exact as you can give at this point and time. We do understand that the ongoing pandemic might still affect these numbers. This time, participant allocations for each country will be decided based on the pre-registrations. We have a limited amount of space at the camp site, and the international guests will be limited to a total of approx. 2000 participants. If there are more pre-registrations than we can safely receive, we will have to limit the participation allocations for each country.  

The Scouts and guides of Finland are closely following the situation of the pandemic. At this point in time we are optimistic that the Finnjamboree can be arranged in the summer of 2022.   


The pre-registration is made through this form: Microsoft Forms Please note that the deadline for registering is 25th of July, 2021. 

This pre-registration does not substitute the official camp registration. You will need to officially register for Kajo 2022 later this year if you wish to participate. The official registration will be in December 2021 – January 2022.



The processing of personal data refers to activities such as the collection, storage, use, transfer, and disclosure of personal data. All activities involving personal data, from the planning of processing to the erasure of personal data, constitute processing of personal data. 

All data related to an identified or identifiable person is personal data. Information such as names, telephone numbers, location data and information on the congenital diseases of the individual’s grandparents is personal data.  



This document describes how and why we handle personal data. There is purpose to the data collected and it is used solely for the purposes described.  

The data subject is a person, whose personal data is being processed. The data subject must always be kept informed of the processing of their personal data and of any changes to the processing.  

Processing of personal data must be able to be anticipated, not be unexpected. 



There always needs to be a specific and lawful purpose for collection of data. The grounds of data collection for Kajo 2022 listed here are specific to this International participant questionnaire at hand. 

This questionnaire collects the personal data of the interested data subjects, who anticipate participating in Kajo 2022 as an international participant. The personal data will furthermore be used to contact interested participants in relation to Kajo 2022. This data does not transfer to the official sign up of Kajo 2022.  

Processed personal data must be appropriate, relevant, and limited to only the necessary personal data needed for the purpose at hand. Unnecessary and inaccurate data must be erased or rectified without delay.  



The data subject has the right to acquire their personal data within one month of a written request in a clear form. We will need to confirm the identity of the data subject to release any personal data. The data subject also has the right to request their personal data to be rectified or updated without delay. If you wish to contact us regarding your personal data, please do so without hesitation at 


The Guides and Scouts of Finland and Kajo 2022 camp organisation are the only controllers and processors of the personal data. The Kajo 2022 camp organisation is responsible for the collection, storage, use, transfer and disclosure of the personal data related to it. 

A controller is an individual or organisation that determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data. 


A processor is an individual or organisation that processes personal data on behalf of a controller. 


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