Phones at the camp

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The camp organization is prepared for a majority of the participants to have a phone with them. The mobile network has been enforced throughout the camp area and the connections should be working well. The camp will not have WiFi.

If you do plan to take your phone along, please note that you are responsible for your own belongings. 

Charging phones

Having a phone at the camp is not a requirement but will add value. The camp app will have information and timetables etc. available and phones are used in some of the programs. Therefore phones will also need to be charged during the camp. 

The charging of phones will happen with power banks, which you must provide yourself (they will not be sold at the camp). This means that you will only be able to charge your power bank, not your phone. This decision has been made to ensure that more people at a time can charge their devices.

Power bank charging stations will be available throughout the camp area and they will be unsupervised meaning that everyone is responsible for their own power bank while charging it. Some stations will have the option of securing them by a lock, which you’ll have to provide yourself. the size of the lock doesn’t make a big difference. Please note that there will not be as many charging stations as there are participants so you might need to wait for your turn. 

Power banks can also be charged in service centers and in some staff positions but these will need to be agreed on with your superior. Camp unit leaders will be provided with additional charging stations within subcamps. 

The capacity of the power bank you’ll need will depend on your phone. As general guidance, 2 000 – 3 000 mAh will provide about one full charge and 10 000 mAh will provide around 3 full charges.

Drawning of the charging station Charging station

Using phones

During programs please enjoy the moment and leave your phone to be. As the camp is outside please also make sure to protect your phone adequately. During some activities, you might also pose the risk of losing or damaging your phone making it wiser to leave it in your backpack. 

We advise you to be wary of what you post from the camp. Especially in the case of any emergency please seek help within the camp and leave the reporting to the camp organization.


  • Ask for permission when you want to post an image of someone
  • Do not film someone without their consent
  • Do not use any photos with malicious intent
  • During the night, the phones will be resting as well

When sharing photos please use #kajo2022 and #partioscout.

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