Visiting day

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Experience the magic of Kajo for one day!

We welcome all friends and families of the participants to come and experience a taste of Kajo during visiting day. Visiting will be possible on the 19th of July from 10 am to 5 pm. By then the camp will be well underway and visitors will be able to see everything from tent villages to program valleys while getting to enjoy the atmosphere of a Finnjamboree. Tickets can be bought at the gates.

Unique activities

Throughout the day visitors will be able to enjoy snippets of the vast program at the camp with special common programs aimed at visitors. The participants will be the best guides to show visitors around the “forest city” of Kajo.

Good food

To get the full Kajo experience head on over to the subcamp kitchens for a delicious forest lunch. Lunch tickets can be purchased through the link until the end of May. Remember to bring your own dishes and cutlery. Along with the subcamp kitchens, there are cafes within the camp area offering sweet and savory foods.

Transit from Hämeenlinna and Lahti (must be booked before 14.7.)

Arriving to Kajo is super easy! Buses from Hämeenlinna and Lahti railway stations will bring you directly to the main gates. Tickets can be purchased through the link. First buses leave at 8.30 and run every half an hour.

Visitors are invited to stay up to 4 hours. Return tickets are included and return time does not have to be booked separately. Please note that we can’t guarantee a specific return time as the bus might be full. The drive from Hämeenlinna and Lahti to Kajo about is about 1 hour.

Arriving by car

Parking is available outside the camp area from where a shuttle will take visitors to and from the camp. Address for the parking is:

Padasjoentie 1341, Hämeenlinna and the GPS-coordinates 61.174300063641034, 25.03658561399952.

Please let the camp organization know beforehand if there are special arrangements that must be done for your accessibility.

Welcome to Kajo!

Remember to dress according to the weather and choose sensible shoes. Also, bring a water bottle with you. There a water stations throughout the camp area where you can fill it up. A smartphone will also be a good addition as there will be virtual programs available. You can also access this page through your phone as we’ll be adding more info here later on that you might find useful during the day.

Visiting day tickets:

Adults: 20€ (purchased before 14.7.) / 25€ (purchased at the gate)

Children 4 to 12 years of age: 10€ / 15€

Children under the age of 3: free

Parking: 30€ / 35€ (per car)

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