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Camp assignments = Making the camp happen, together!

Leiriarkea, ihmisiä

The best way to feel the authentic joy of scouting is being right in the middle of everything! So, when participating in a scout camp in Finland, daily life consists either of taking part in the program or having an assignment. All adults have assignments while the youth (age 12-18) participate in the program and/or has assignments. The older you are, the more of your time goes to assignments.

The youngest scouts, called Trackers (age 12-15) only participate in program activities. They are not required to have any camp assignments.  

The Explorers (age 15 to 18) will have assignments, but only half of the time. The other half they take part in activities specifically planned for their age group. The Explorers carry out their assignments together with their camp patrol.  

The Rovers’ (age 18 to 22) camp life consists of 80% assignment and 20% Rover program. If one wishes, the assignment can be 100% as well (and no Rover program), but the recommendation is that Rovers only sign up for 80%-assignments. The Rovers’ assignments are individual and are on the same level as the adults’ assignments.  

All adults (age 22+) have 100% assignments. This doesn’t not mean that the assignment is 24/7, but rather that the adults should be prepared to show up for work at the assigned position all days of the camp, apart from the days that are scheduled as free-time. But don’t worry, there will be also programmes dedicated for adults available, based on your interest.   

As mentioned, on Finnish scout camps the core camp program for every participant over 18 years old is an assignment or a staff position. Each participant shall apply to the assignments that one finds most interesting while signing up for the camp. The assignments are then allocated so that everyone knows their assignment well beforehand. The Explorers will also be provided with the opportunity to indicate their interests for different assignments. Detailed instructions will be given later.  

Some of the assignments are located in the camp unit, as camp unit leaders (each camp unit has to have a certain number of adults per minors). Some assignments are located in the subcamp, for instance as subcamp supporting leaders or as part of the catering staff. In other assignments you might work as a leader in a program activity, sell ice cream or snacks in a cafeteria or support the it-staff. More or less all tasks are available also for our international guests. Some assignments need beforehand planning or preparations but the majority doesn’t. If the assignment is one that requires input before the camp, this is indicated in the description when applying.  

Camp assignments are the perfect opportunity for you to try something totally new or provide your expertise to create an unforgettable experience for everyone. We guarantee that each and every one of you learns new things, gets memorable experiences and most of all, gets new friends! 

During the camp there are also many daily tasks that need to be done, some are administered via the camp app and some will just present themselves to you as part of daily camp life. Let’s all pitch in and do our best to create the best camp experience ever! The best way to get the most out of the camp as an international guest is to explore the camp through different tasks

a scout paddeling on a board on a wheelchair

Supporting Leader = “Luotsi”, the important support system during Kajo   

At Kajo each of the age groups Trackers (age 12-15), Explorers (age 15-18) and Rovers (age 18-22) has their own dedicated supporting leader called “luotsi”. The tasks of the luotsi is to help the participants cope with the camp life and get most out of the time in the forest of Evo.  

The youngest age group, the Trackers, has leaders accompanying them throughout the day: in daily life as well as throughout different programs.  

For the Explorers the camp life is more independent. They participate in the programs and their camp assignment as a camp patrol. The camp patrol can be a mixed group of old and new friends and is formed of Explorers from the same subcamp. Each of the camp patrols have their dedicated luotsi that checks up with the camp patrol regularly to make sure that everyone is happy and gets the most out of the camp.  

As the Rovers camp life mainly consists of their individual assignments and they get support regarding their daily tasks from the respective foreman, the Rover luotsi is a person that is available for you to turn to if you wish to discuss some part of daily life at the camp. The luotsis for the Rovers are available at camp level. 

The luotsis’ main task is to help participants. Each of the luotsis that will work with international guests speaks English. Any other languages are based on each luotsi’s language skills. We welcome also our international guests to apply for a luotsi assignment! All luotsis work in pairs, so you will have the support of a Finnish colleague. 

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