About Kajo

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Kajo is the eighth national scout camp in Finland. It is organised by the Guides and Scouts of Finland. And like other Finnjamborees before, we are warmly welcoming international participants to this adventure!

When? Kajo will be held on July 15-23, 2022 

For whom? We welcome all Guides and Scouts from the age 12 upwards and hope to have approximately 2000 international guides and scouts joining inn on the fun! Altogether we expect 15000 campers.  

Where? Kajo will be held at Evo campsite, near to Hämeenlinna and 125km from Helsinki.  

How much? The price of participation is 320 EUR for international guests, including meals, all camp activities and transportations from and to pre-defined entry points before and after the camp.  

How? Most of the camp is organised by guide and scout volunteers

What were the previous finnjamborees? Karelia (1979), Miilu (1985), Tervas (1990), Loisto (1996), Tarus (2004), Kilke (2010) ja Roihu (2016)

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