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Health Security at Kajo 

Finnish Scouts have long traditions in organizing large camps such as Kajo. Health care is provided within the camp by professionals who will be able to help participants from smaller injuries and wounds to bigger accidents. If necessary hospital care will also be provided.


At all scout camps, good hygiene throughout the camp is enforced, and Kajo is no exception! Even though we are in the middle of a forest hand hygiene is important and handwashing stations/hand sanitizer will be provided throughout the camp area. Hot water will also be available for dishwashing after each meal. All participants will be educated on health security to help protect themselves and one another.


We at the Kajo organization believe that next summer thousands of scouts and guides will get to experience the Finnjamboree as planned. The camp organization is constantly keeping up to date with the current situation and looking for ways to carry out the event in a safe way.

The board of the Finnish Scouts has agreed that everyone over the age of 16 will be required to have a valid Covid passport if it will be applicable at the time of the event. Kajo organizers encourage everyone, if possible to do so, to get the vaccines. Please research the requirements for a Covid pass from your country of origin as they may differ.

If the camp should be canceled or cut short due to covid or something else unpredictable participants will be refunded the amount of the fee that is possible after the investments and agreement made at that point. Please read more here.

We think it is especially important that after these past two years we can provide young scouts the opportunity to experience a real summer camp.

Mental health 

At Kajo, we are also committed to ensuring mental wellbeing for each participant, especially keeping in mind the younger people joining us. There will be a mental health support network made up of professionals who will be available to talk to throughout the camp. 

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