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The light of the evening sun, mirroring off the surface of a lake

The light of a new dawn at camp, glimmering through the trees

The light of the evening program, reflecting in the surrounding forest

The light of the lamps of your “sleeping” friends, shining through the fabric of the tent.

Can you smell it yet, can you taste it, can you feel it? Kajo is clear on the horizon!


Soon all of this is true since YOU have registered to Kajo, to next summer’s greatest scouting adventure! How great! The campsite at Evo is already waiting for hundreds of tents to rise between the trees. We are a total of 12 976 registered to Kajo. Together we all make Kajo the greatest and most unforgettable finnjamboree experience! New and old scout friends, the hustle and bustle of a hectic day, and chilling by the tents in the evening are just five months away!

If it feels like five months is a long time to wait, don’t worry! You can follow all of Kajo’s social media accounts and webpage to fill your days with Kajo content and preparation with other Kajo participants.

The first letter to participants 8.2.2022


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