Home Hospitality

Home Hospitality is a chance for International Scouts to experience a Finnish life style for a few days before Kajo starts. We will match International Scouts up with a Finnish family somewhere in Finland. The family will take the Scouts in and show what normal life is like for a Finn.  

The dates are 11.7.-15.7.2022. The Home Hospitality journey will start on the 11.7. from one of three designated entry points from where the participants will take busses to families all over Finland. They will spend 5 days, 4 nights with the family and then on Friday 15.7. take a bus to Evo, the Kajo campsite! 

Sign up will happen at the same time as registering for Kajo, on the same form! Sign up will be personal, so group members will have to do it individually. Home Hospitality is open for all ages and all scouts attending Kajo. 

The price for Home Hospitality is included in the price for International Participants.  

We will try our best to place group members in the same region, so that their leader is near them! 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask  international.kajo2022@partio.fi!

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