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Before Kajo, International Scouts have the possibility to attend Home Hospitality. During Home Hospitality, the International Scouts will be staying at a home of a Finnish host family. For these few days before the camp, the host family shows the Scouts what normal life is like for a Finn and familiarises them with Finnish culture, people and activities.

Home Hospitality at Kajo

Home Hospitality will be organized from 11th to 15th of July, just before the Finnjamboree, Kajo, starts. International Scouts will be placed with host families from all over Finland. The Home Hospitality journey starts on the 11th of July from Helsinki-Vantaa Airpot and from there the participants will be transported by busses to a location near the host families. After Home Hospitality, a bus will take the scouts to the Kajo campsite in Hämeenlinna. The transportation to and from the host families will be organized by the Kajo organization.

We will try our best to locate members of the same international group to the same area and near each other. The leader of the group will be located with a host family with good accessibility to all group members. At Home Hospitality, one host family will be able to accommodate 2-4 minors, 1 adult or a combination of these. Minors are not accommodated alone. At the registration, the participants are able to wish for host families with children of the same age or sex. These wishes are fulfilled whenever possible. The host families will communicate with the guests primarily in English.

The Finnish host families participating in Home Hospitality are doing it voluntarily. They will not be reimbursed for their time of hosting the guests. The host families are asked to offer the guests accommodation and food during their stay. The host family is not obligated to offer extra activities to the guests, even if they are free to do so.

Kajo´s international team is on call for any difficulties during Home Hospitality.

Registration to Home Hospitality

Sign up to Home Hospitality takes place in the same form as registration for Kajo. Registration is personal, which means all group members register individually. Home Hospitality is open for all ages and all scouts attending Kajo. The price for Home Hospitality is already included in the price for International Participants.

International Participants are allocated to the host families during March or April 2022. After this, the host families are asked to contact their guests personally to get to know each other before Home Hospitality starts. Please, fill in your contact details in the registration form carefully. Before arriving to Finland, the attendees of Home Hospitality will be provided with some tips on customs in Finnish homes and in our culture.

Additional information

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask at international.kajo2022@partio.fi.

You´re warmly welcome to Finland!

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