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Each of us fits into the fabric of Kajo, and together we make a colorful Kajo. In the shop you will find great products that will make you feel like Kajo before next summer.

The profits of the camp product webshop will be used directly to build Kajo, so that Finland’s eight Finnjamboree would be a memorable camp experience for everyone. The product selection is designed from different angles of responsibility: social, economical and environmental responsibility. In addition, Kajo’s camp product selection has been built to be as accessible as possible to every participant.

The camp product selection will be completed in the beginning of 2022, but now it’s worth to benefit the pre-order bundle advantage!

Pre-order campaign until February 2, 2022. The products will go into production after the pre-order campaign and deliveries will start on week 12/2022. T-shirts ans sets will be delivered before the start of the camp.

Welcome to Kajo’s shop!

T-shirts and product pictures of campproducts

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