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Do you have questions about Kajo or do you need to contact Kajo organisation? Send an email to Kajo at kajo2022@partio.fiEmails are read on weekdays. 

You can reach us by phone at 09 88 657 100.

International friends: the Kajo International Team is here to help you specifically with any and all questions you might have! Please get in touch at 

Camp leaders

Janne and Kerttu lead the finnjamboree-project. 


Janne Costiander
Camp leader

Maria ”Kerttu” Nikkari
Camp leader


Experience creates Kajo’s marketing and communication, service design, song, story as well as architecture and zoning. Experience also takes care of camp’s points of sale and camp products and also creates common programme like opening and closing ceremonies.

Anna Enbuske
Chief of Experience

Minna Martikainen
Chief of Experience


Education takes care of programvalleys as well as spare time program and Akatemia that makes learning visible. They also make sure that every age group get program, support and guidance during the camp. 

Aino Pohjanvirta
Chief of Education

Matsku Salminen
Chief of Education


Participants take care of sub camps, international team, accessibility, Swedish language, contact persons to parishes, social security and participants logistics. 

Katriina “Kake” Rauman
Chief of Participants


Services take care of catering, camp areas infrastructure and technique, maintenance, security, medical and rescue as well as camp’s intern logistics. Services coordinate the building and demolition of camp and offers information management, digital services and runs camp offices. 

Antti Matikainen
Chief of Services

Jenna Kankaanpää
Chief of Services


Resources take care of project’s HR and economy, coordinates procurements, goods logístics, storage and resale. They also coordinate partnerships and business co-operation, visiting day, invited guests, project’s feedback and data anlaysis as well as holds environment and responsibility questions up in discussion. 

Ville Sahlström
Chief of Resources

Project manager

Volunteers working in the camp are supported by a project office at the Finnish Scouts’ Office. The project office is lead by a project manager.


Ville Pentti
Project manager

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