Safety and medical teams

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Before attending Kajo, we’d like you to note a few things about safety, first aid, and medical instructions. Please read this text carefully.

Medical team

The medical team of the camp has plenty of groups in it.

  • Each subcamp has its own first aid accountable: they are here to help and guide you with things considering first aid. Each subcamp also has a first-aid kit you may use, in case you need something you don’t have in your own kit. Feel free to ask the first-aid accountable if you need help with anything.
  • Village health care, or the itinerant first-aid team, travels all around the camp. You may ask for assistance when seeing them. There’re medical professionals on the team.
  • You can find first aid stations at the end of the Leirisuora main street. The stations are there for you when your own first aid kit and knowledge are not enough. The stations are open 24/7 with medical professionals working in them.
  • The paramedics move around the camp with two ambulances. They take care of cases in need of paramedic services and if needed, take the patient where they have to go. If you need paramedic help, please call the emergency number 112.
  • The camp hospital is located at the edge of the campsite. The first aid teams will guide you there when needed. So if you need to go to the camp hospital, we kindly ask you to reach out either to the village first aid or to the first-aid station first.
  • If needed, the camp participants can and will be transferred to the central hospital outside the campsite.
  • They’re also professionals of mental health offering their guidance for mental wellness. To get in contact with the mental health team, please get in touch with the first aid station or village first aid.

Please note that not every medical issue needs to be handled by the first aid team. For most cases, your own first aid kit is perfectly fine. Your kit should have at least plasters, blister plasters, ice packs, bandages, painkillers, and other medicine. Finland has a lot of mosquitoes and other stinging insects so cortisone cream is also recommended to have. The campsite Evo tends to have dust in the air so please bring your medicine inhalator if you have respiratory conditions like asthma.

Please make sure every participant over 15 has completed the Safely Together course. Read more here. Make sure to save the diploma and have it with you at the camp.


Fire brigade

The camp has its own, small fire brigade: it’s there to prevent accidents on the camp. The fire brigade is responsible for the safety plan required by the public authorities.

The campsite is very dry, especially in sunny weather, and it’s important to remember that’s it’s forbidden to:

  • make an open fire, unless it’s on a determined spot and the rules are followed. Open fire is defined as a fire that could spread out on the ground or by sparks
  • use any kind of disposable grills
  • smoke in places other than places made for them
  • to use liquid gas gadgets outside your own camp unit
  • make a fire during forest fire warning. You can see the ongoing warnings here.

If you’re not sure whether making a fire is allowed or not, please contact the fire brigade.

In case of an emergency, call the emergency number 112. We also recommend downloading the 112 Suomi app, which will send your location information automatically to the PSAP when the app is being used for the call.


Safety team

The safety team is there to ensure that all participants have a good and safe camp. So let’s have a lot of fun and be responsible at the same time! We all want to get home safe after all, don’t we?

To get to this goal, we want to remind you of a few things:

  • Please don’t leave the campsite unless you have permission.
  • Kajo is an intoxicant free event. This means no alcohol, drugs, or being under their influence is allowed.
  • Even though the camp has its own rules, it’s also important to obey Finnish law. No physical assault, no breaking things, etc.

The safety team has an office by the maintenance department. You’re always welcome to visit us and tell us about the possible problems and worries you might have considering the camp. The team is on a call during the whole camp from dawn till dusk. You can recognize us from the yellow vest, feel free to come and ask for help! We’re not a “camp police” that will punish the rule-breakers: instead, we want everyone to have a memorable and safe camp.

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