Families at Kajo

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Many families will stay with camp units at Kajo. It helps arrange temporary childcare when the family is surrounded by the whole camp unit, with numerous helping hands available. At the same time, the families get to join in the activities of the camp unit at Kajo. Depending on where the family is staying, the children who are younger than the target group can participate in the activities organised at the Hiukkanen family village. Families will participate in Hiukkanen’s programme at the camping area of the family village in addition to or instead of Kajo’s programme. 

Hiukkanen will organise activities every day for children younger than the target group staying at Kajo. That means that adventurers, cub scouts and preschoolers can participate in the activities of Hiukkanen together with an adult, every day. It is important to remember that children should always be accompanied by an adult. Hiukkanen does not offer day-care services. However, you do not need a separate adult for each child for the activities. Before Kajo, you should think about how your camp unit will arrange its matters so that children younger than the target group can participate in activities accompanied by their close adult whilst the other adults with children are working on their Kajo assignments. 

The Hiukkanen family village’s services are different from previous Finnjamborees. The village will have a microwave oven and a kettle for heating up baby food. There is also a refrigerator for opened baby food packages. There is an information point at Hiukkanen, which helps families participate in the day’s activities. The service points of participant services are for the personal needs of all campers. Otherwise, the services for those staying at Hiukkanen are the same as for those at camp units.  

Hiukkanen offers daily activities for participants younger than the target group of Kajo, but it is not responsible for looking after the children during the activities. Therefore, children must be accompanied by a responsible adult. Preschoolers cannot join in activities meant for trackers, for example. However, the children of Hiukkanen might get to visit some of the activities of the programme valleys at predetermined times. This will be specified closer to Kajo. If families from your local group are staying with your camp unit, please let the other groups know about it before hand so that the arrangement does not surprise the other participants or local groups. 

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