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We are all hoping that by July 2022, the ongoing pandemic will have eased and it will have as small effect as possible on Kajo. As we have all learned since the beginning of 2020, the situation is and will remain uncertain and possibly rapidly changing, which means there’s no way to know what the situation is in July 2022 until we get there. However, already this summer Finnish scouts were able to organise small and big events safely despite the situation. 

Everyone in the camp organisation is actively following the situation and adjusting their plans as needed to safely organise Kajo. A taskforce has also been appointed within the organisation to prepare for covid-related possibilities. There will be more information about the plans on this page in the future. 

For International Participants there are a few key sites to look at when deciding whether it will be possible to come, and when preparing for the travel. These pages provide the up-to-date information on restrictions and requirements for travelling to Finland:

This page will not have the information on the travel restrictions and requirements. Pease refer to their sites for the up-to-date information. 

Scotus sitting in forest with face masks.

Picture: Mari Lehtisalo

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