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The bulk of the program on Kajo consists of six so-called program valleys, full of amazing activities. When you’re not in a valley, there are pop-up activities, and, of course, the evening programs that bring the entire camp together.  You can be sure there will be a lot to do and experience! Now you can also see the preliminary camp’s timetable. 

Are there accessible programs for those who have ie. reduced mobility?

Most of the programs are fully accessible and within every valley, there will be something to do for all participants. It is possible that not all activities are accessible to everyone, but we strive to communicate that clearly and well in advance so that everyone can plan a nice day in the valleys.

Does each age group have its own program?

Within the valleys, the program is primarily meant for 12-17-year-olds. Rovers (18-22-year-olds) and kids under 12 will have opportunities to explore the valleys.

Action Valley

The Action Valley is the place for action! What would you think of a sculpture competition, James Bond –like stunts or climbing high in the treetops? Would you join the hunger games or be a survivor on an arctic expedition? This and a lot more can be found on the ideas list for the Action Valley.

Even though the name suggests hard excercise and heart pounding excitement, there will be something for everyone. Aside from physical activities, you can also find brain teaser activities. What’s important is that each participant can alone, and together with others, challenge themselves to learn about their own limits and experience unique activities!

Battle Valley 

In the Battle Valley you will race and compete in games that take their inspiration from familiar reality TV formats. Do you think you would make it as a Taskmaster, Survivor, or on Project Runway? The most important thing is team work, and of course beating the neighboring team.

Life Valley 

Life had its beginning 3.6 billion years ago, but how have we made it all the way from there to today? What kind of ecosystems are there on our planet, and how do they work? And what do they mean for humans? In the Life Valley we dive into ecosystems, build new habitats and wonder about how our lives connect to the lives of other organisms. So come find out how and why life works!

Heureka Valley 

In the Heureka Valley we interpret, examine and understand! The Valley offers experiences about everyday pnehomena and scientific theories. This Valley is for you, the mad scientists and Gyro Gearlooses!

Peace Valley 

When people work together, sometimes arguments and conflicts arise. These should be resolved as peacefully as possible, without too much turmoil. What is fairness? How to respect everyone?  In the Peace Valley you go on an adventure to solve problems in a diverse world. Like detectives, participants get to uncover the path of events and settle disagreements.

Future Valley 

It is a goal of Scouts to give every young person the skills to change the world. What are the scouting skills and strengths that are required in the world of the future? In this Valley you will need the courage to ask, question, and imagine that which hasn’t yet come to pass. Scouts are the creators of change!

Culture Bash Night

Do you have a special play, game, or something else from your culture, that you want to show and teach others at Kajo? If so, this is your chance! Culture Bash is an evening event on Kajo, where participants can visit other subcamps, meet new people, play new games and see different cultures from Finland and all around the world.

You can already start planning and thinking about what your group wants to showcase to other Kajo participants. It can be something from your country or culture, something to eat, a special game or anything else! The Culture Bash evening event will be held on the 17th of July at Kajo, more specific information will come later on. In order for us, the organizers, to be prepared for your showcase, we will send out a forms questionnaire in the June newsletter, asking you about your specific showcase: keep a lookout for that. We’re excited to get to know more about your cultures!

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