Construction and takedown camps

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Come and build Kajo or stay to take it down!

Registration for the construction and takedown camps has closed.

There are many ways you can participate and pitch in. You can come for both construction before the actual camp or stay for the takedown afterward or even both, you’re also welcome to come just for a day if that is what works for you. All the help is needed and we’ll be sure to find something enjoyable for everyone to do.

You won’t need any experience in building or construction, but if do have some we’re happy to put your skills to use. So come and join us in making Kajo look great and Evo even better than we found it!

Participating is free of charge. Registration has closed on the 15th of May. To participate you must be over the age of 15.


  • 1.–3.7. pre-construction weekend I
  • 4.–8.7. weekday construction 
  • 8.–10.7. pre-construction weekend II  
  • 11–15.7. construction camp 
  • 22.–29.7. takedown camp 
  • 30.–31.7. clean up weekend 

Contact the managers for registration

Mikko Laakkonen,, p. 045 8685 647 

Lauri Takala,, p. 0400 272 282 

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