Registration for Finnish participants

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Registration for Kajo has ended. Almost 13,000 people will participate in the camp!

We want to make sure that there are enough people making this camp possible. That is why registration for individual camp days (day camp) will be open for people over the age of 18 until 15 May 2022. Children under the target age (under 12) who will not take part in the program aimed at the age groups can also be registered with a guardian. The day camp fee entitles you to participate for 24 hours, including meals from lunch on the day of arrival to breakfast on the day of departure, the camp program and tent accommodation using your own gear. 

Registration link for participants over the age of 18 and their children.

Registrations submitted by 15 May are subject to the same cancellation terms and instructions as registrations submitted during the actual registration period.

Modifying your registration

  • You can modify your health and dietary information yourself in Kuksa until 31 March. If you want to make changes after this, please contact the Kajo project office.
  • You can edit your contact information in your profile in Kuksa or in the online membership service.
  • You do not need to make corrections to camp assignment information using the registration form.
  • If you will stay at a camp unit with children under the target age, you do not need to create a family camp ID. However, if you have already created an ID, you do not need to go back and fix this.

Cancelling your registration is not possible
Registrations for Finnjamboree Kajo 2022 are binding. If you have registered for the camp, but cannot attend for some reason, you have until 15 May to transfer your participation to someone else. Read more about how to transfer your participation.

All the information participants have given in the enrollment can be used in Kajo’s own information systems. Health information is only accessible to the camp’s medical team and camp unit’s person in charge of first aid. All health information is confidentially accessed. 

The National Board of The Guides and Scouts of Finland has outlined that COVID-19 passports of those aged 16 or older will be checked on Kajo, if the issue is relevant at the time of the camp, and if the legislation allows the checking of COVID-19 passports.


The enrollment form is filled out in the Finnish Scouts’ member register Kuksa.

Enroll here

Please keep in mind that the camp fee is paid on the spot while enrolling. Possible payment methods: through online bank, common credit cards, MobilePay and part payment. Have the payment method ready when starting the enrollment. More information about the payment methods coming soon.

NB! Applying for a stipend happens after filling out the enrollment form. Applicants do not pay the camp fee at the enrollment, but they are automatically directed to fill out a form for the stipend. If the stipend is not granted at all or for the whole camp fee, the whole or partial camp fee is charged after the decision. In this case the participant has the right to cancel their enrollment according to the terms of enrollment, participation, and cancellation.


Enrollment begins on Wednesday 1.12.2021 and ends on Wednesday 2.2.2022 at 23:59. Enrollment should not be done at the last minute.  

Please keep in mind that the camp fee is paid during the enrollment. Every participant’s enrollment and payment are carried out separately. If payment is interrupted, the enrollment is to be carried out again from the start. Enrollment becomes valid only after the payment has been completed and confirmed by the system. Do not close the browser before payment has been confirmed. 


Scouts’ enrollment requires PartioID-account. Instructions to create PartioID can be found here and custodians Kuksa-instructions here . Underaged participants’ enrollment are always done by their custodians who are required to have their own custodian’s PartioID. If the PartioID is forgotten or there are any problems, own scout group’s register administrator should be contacted.  

Non-scouts can enroll without PartioID through the same enrollment link. If a custodian enrolls both scout and non-scout participants, the same enrollment link is to be used. However, the custodian cannot be logged in to Kuksa when enrolling a non-scout participant. The custodian must log out of Kuksa before enrolling a non-scout participant for the option to enroll a non-scout participant appear.  

During the enrollment, every section is to be filled out truthfully and deliberately. Sections marked with (*) are compulsory. If the compulsory sections are not filled out, the enrollment cannot be sent. Incomplete sections are displayed at the top of the form when sending out the enrollment fails. Fill out the incomplete sections and send the form again. 

Please keep in mind that the sub-menus open by clicking the header.  


Health and dietary information can be edited until 31.3. Changes after that date are made by contacting the project office by email, phone or by requesting a callback by email. Project office’s up-to-date phone service hours can be found here 

Scouts or their custodians can access and edit their enrollment information by signing in to Kuksa ( with their accounts or custodian’s accounts. Participant’s enrollment information can be accessed from the frontpage’s upper right corner and by clicking the participant’s name: 

> Siirry henkilön tietoihin > click Tapahtumat-tab (events) > Event’s (SP Finnjamboree Kajo 2022) right edge Muokkaa-button 

Non-scout participants can access and edit their enrollment information through the same enrollment link and by using the confirmation code sent with the confirmation message.


Scouts’ basic information is filled out in the form automatically. Please check that the information is correct. If the information is not correct or there are changes to be made, the changes can be done by clicking the Muokkaa-button. Remember to save the changes by clicking Tallenna henkilö -button.  

Check that the correct participant is chosen from the drop-down menu above. The choice of correct participant is most important when a custodian is enrolling an underaged participant. The correct participant should always be chosen in the drop-down menu. 

From the Taho, jota edustaa –menu should be chosen the scout group which you represent at Kajo. This determines which scout group the participants stay with at the camp, when the option with my own scout group is chosen in the I will stay section. The scout group should be chosen carefully especially when a participant is a part of more than one scout groups.  

Non-scouts do not have this option in the form, but the scout group which they will stay with is chosen from the I will stay section. In this case, with another scout group is to be chosen in the section and continued by choosing the desired scout group.  

Accepting the terms 

In this section enrolling participants accept the risks of scout activity during COVID-19, and the camp’s terms of enrollment, participation, and cancellation of enrollment. Please get familiar with the terms here: 

In this section the participant can grant or deny the permission to photograph them during the camp. Keep in mind that participants who deny the permission to photograph will receive a badge which should be placed visibly on the neckerchief and kept there during the entire camp. The badge is a sign for the photographers to not take pictures of the participant. 


In the Payment section participants will choose between the whole-length and partial participation. Those who choose to participate partially will then choose the dates of their participation from the section below. 

The day when those who participate partially will eat the first camp meal is the first day of stay. The payment for one camp day entitles the participant to stay at the camp site for 24 hours and it also includes programs and meals (lunch, dinner, evening snack and the following day’s breakfast – in this order). As an example, those who stay for the weekend (Friday-Sunday) chooses Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on the from and they can stay until Monday’s breakfast. If they want to leave already on Sunday’s midday, they choose Friday and Saturday and leave on Sunday before lunch.  

Those who have enrolled for partial participation can change their participation dates until May 5th. The total amount of participation days cannot be changed. Please send your modification wishes to

We are collecting contributions to the stipend fund which makes everyone’s participation to Kajo possible. You can pay a voluntary contribution to the stipend fund by choosing the sum from the section. The chosen sum is added automatically to the camp fee. Thank you for your support! 


Participant’s age group 

While enrolling, the age group which program participant joins is chosen in the form. Kajo is aimed at Trackers, Explorers, Rovers, and Adults. Those under 12 years will participate together with their participating custodians and Kajo does not offer specific programs for them. The choosing of the age group depends on every scout group’s own instructions. The age groups are directional, so check the correct option from your own scout group. If you are of age, choose either Rovers or Adults, depending on your age, even if you function as adult support for Trackers.  

If you are filling out the enrollment form for someone under 12 years old, remember to fill out the spot reserved for the name and phone number of the person in charge of the child. Remember to also fill out the spot for the name and phone number of a custodian/close relative who can be contacted during the camp. 

Make sure that the contact information in the scout register is up to date because we send information about the camp to those addresses.  

Special diets and allergy information 

The meals served at the camp are of high quality and delicious, and they are always lactose-free. Lactose-free or low lactose diets do not need to be declared. Other food allergies are to be declared as specifically as possible. Information on diets and food allergies can be edited independently in Kuksa until 31.3.2022. After that, changes are to be sent by email at . Please note, that after we order the food, we cannot ensure the arrangements for possible changes in special diets can be made. 

If you see that your diet is very complicated / needs additional explanations, or that it is easier for you to deliver a ”can eat” -list, you can leave the form’s options unchecked and explain your diet in the last section reserved for additional information about your diet. 

Health condition 

This section is for information about participant’s health and conditions which may affect the participant’s camp life and which the medical team needs to be notified about. The information will be delivered to the camp’s medical team, which consists of official professionals, and to the camp office. The information is accessed only when necessary. The information will also be given to the camp unit’s person in charge of first aid. Participants’ close leaders can this way react fast in surprising situations.  

Information on health can be independently edited in Kuksa until 31.3.2022. After that, changes are to be sent to the project office by email, or you can call or leave a callback request at  


Participants, including those with a staff position, initially stay with their own scout groups or in the Family Village. If your staff position or assignment requires you to stay somewhere else, please check with the person who hired you. Regardless, choose the option of staying with your scout group because the changes are made after enrollment ends. If you would like to stay at the camp hotel for an additional fee, choose the option of staying with your scout group and book the camp hotel separately. Booking system and additional information: 

Custodians who attend with their child and child’s scout group, but is not a member themselves, chooses the with another scout group and then picks the correct scout group from the drop-down option menu.  

Non-scouts who do not know which scout group they will stay with at the camp: we encourage you to contact your local scout groups and make an agreement of staying with their camp unit. Scout group search includes many scout groups and if necessary Kajo’s project office ( helps you with the matter.  

Scouts whose scout groups have not enrolled to Kajo: you can beforehand make an agreement of staying with another scout group which has enrolled to Kajo. In this case, choose the option with another scout group and then the correct scout group.  


Families can choose to stay with a camp unit or in the Family Village. If your family wants to stay in the Family Village, choose the option in the Family Village. If your family chooses to stay with their scout group, pick with my own scout group. 

You can choose to participate Kajo as a family or form a camp family with a friend and their children. Camp families, which include children under 12 years, will carry out these steps at the enrollment: Click the “Create a camp family code” at the end of the enrollment. The system will create a code which is used in the same camp family’s following enrollments. NB! Only the camp family’s first person to enroll creates the code. The code should be saved immediately. The next enrollers of the camp family will input the code in the camp family code box. If you lose your camp family code, contact 

If a camp family includes two or more adults, it is required that some of them participate in the camp’s assignments. One assignment can be split between adults and this way adults can alternate between who is in charge of the family and children. Split assignment means that it can be divided between two adults who can alternate between working and taking care of the children. Alternatively, one adult can be working at the assignment full-time while the other adult is with the children all the while. Talk about a split assignment with the assignment leader. 

In the case of enrolling an unborn child (=child who is expected to be born before the camp), fill out an enrollment form for them too and write down the name as Baby Last name, as an example. When the child is born, send their name and date of birth to  


This section is for information about things affecting accessibility so that we can create a camp accessible to as many as possible. The information will be delivered to the person in charge of accessibility and the camp office. The information will also be given to the camp unit’s leaders who then can ensure that their scouts’ experience can be supported in the best possible ways. This section is also for notifying about a possible assistant. If the name of the assistant is not known yet, the spot reserved for the name can be left empty. For their part, an assistant needs to write down the name of the assisted person. If the assistant’s position is not filled yet until 2.2., a future assistant can enroll separately until 15.5. In the next section about assignments/staff positions, the assistant needs to mention that they have an assignment as an assistant. 


EVERYONE over 15 years is required to fill out this section of the form. If you do not have an assignment yet, proceed to the assignment engine. Explorers will share their wishes about their future assignment patrols in the Explorer patrol engine. Assignment engine and Explorer patrol engine can be found here: 

There is also a spot for information about one’s professional expertise in case of an emergency. Please fill it out, the information will be used in emergencies only and you can also choose if you are available or not. 

Kajo’s assignments can be utilized in studies of upper secondary level. Fill out the section about utilizing assignments in studies if you are interested and would like to receive more information. 


Home Hospitality means that a family can welcome foreign scout participants to stay with them before the camp. Home Hospitality enables the foreign scouts to explore the Finnish everyday life while staying with their host family. Everyone interested can become a host family. Express your interest in this section and we will send more information and the enrollment form later on.  


The camp fee is paid on the spot at the enrollment. You can choose between online bank payment, common credit card payment or part payment. If the payment is interrupted, the enrollment is to be started again from the beginning. Enrollment is valid only after the system confirms it after the payment has been successful.  


Those who need financial support to participate can apply for a grant after completing the enrollment form. After the decision on the grant has been made, the remaining camp fee is invoiced from the participant. Apply for a grant by clicking enroll and apply for a grant. From there you are automatically directed to the application form.  Grants can be applied for until 2.2.2022. Grants can only be applied for in connection with the enrollment. Read more about the grant’s terms from terms of enrollment, participation and cancellation: 


Enrollment confirmation is sent by email to the participant’s email and to the underaged participant’s email which has been input to Kuksa by a custodian.  

Remember that if you would like to edit the health and allergy information you can do that in Kuksa until 31.3.2022. Go to the Tapahtumat-tab and from there to the participant’s information.  

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