Kajo is already on the horizon!

We are excited to inform you that the planning and creating of Finnjamboree, one of the biggest national scouting events in Finland, is well on its way! If you’ve never had a chance to participate in a real scout camp in the middle of a Finnish forest, by several crystal clear lakes, this is your moment! Come alone, with a group of scout friends, or with your troop! The eighth Finnjamboree, Kajo, will be held on July 15th–23rd in 2022 in Evo (close to the city of Hämeenlinna). We want to invite international guides and scouts ages 12 and up to join us in this amazing scouting experience!

Pre-registration for contingents and groups is open until 25th of July, 2021.

By now, there are already over 200 scout volunteers working on Kajo to make it a safe and unforgettable experience to all participants. We the undersigned are honored to be selected as the managers responsible for the services provided to our hopefully numerous international guests. Together with our team, we are eagerly waiting to see fellow scouts coming from different parts of the world to join the Kajo experience and adventure. During the year 2021, you can expect to receive a lot of more information about the camp program and the possibilities to join it. If you are interested, we will keep you posted!

There is still plenty of time to plan your participation in Kajo in the summer of 2022. We are already here, ready and willing to answer your questions about the participation possibilities and about the organization of the camp. The enrollment to Kajo will open up in fall 2021. Before that happens, you can already get a lot of information about the Finnjamboree by filling out this form. We hope to see you in Kajo in 2022!

Your friends in scouting,

Meri Suomi and Daniela “Nela” Söderman

meri.suomi@partio.fi   daniela.soderman@scout.fi

International Managers of Kajo Finnjamboree

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