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Transport to and from Kajo and Home Hospitality is included in the price of Kajo for International Participants. The transport included are as follows:

11.7. transport from Helsinki-Vantaa airport to Home Hospitality locations

15.7. from HH location or one of the four entry points to the Kajo campsite

23.7. from the Kajo campsite to one of the four entry points

The entry points are on Helsinki-Vantaa airport, Helsinki Harbor (Länsisatama, Jätkäsaari), Turku Harbor and Hämeenlinna. In the registration form we will ask about when and where you arrive in Finland, or if you arrive well before the camp, from which entry point and what time of the day it would be possible for you to be picked up for transport. It is possible to change or add this information in the registration form until the end of registration. After we have this information from everyone, we will combine all the information, make a schedule and inform the groups when and where they need to be for transport.

Any other transport within Finland is not included in the price of Kajo.


All camp unit leaders have received packing lists for the camp unit. Please be in contact with the Finnish groups who are in your camp unit for more information.


All explorers, rovers and adults as well as the people trying out scouting and international participants of equivalent age must complete the online safety course. Read more about it here.


The leader café for rovers and adults is hosting an international day on monday 18.7.2022 at Kajo and this is the perfect chance for you to perform there! The café is open for rovers (18-22 yo) and adults (22+) every day at the campsite and it is a place to come and relax, talk with others and enjoy a changing programme each day. The café has one day dedicated to our international guests. There will be time for performances from 13 to 19.30 (1pm to 7.30pm) and after that a house band will perform until midnight.

You can already start planning a performance with your group. It can be anything from music or magic tricks to hosting a quiz. The performance should be less than 15 minutes long including the set up and take down. There will be at least a guitar and maybe some other instruments to borrow but we hope most of the things needed would be brought to the café by the performers themselves. The sign-up for the leade cafe´s international day will happen later, but keep this in mind while planning your stay at Kajo!


The Kajo Recreational Leader Activities (Johtajahuolto) offers every Rover and Adult chance to spend refreshing and relaxing free time and a possibility to recharge during the camp.

In Pesula you get to wash yourself, relax in sauna and take a swim. The Pesula sauna is open all day long, from morning to evening.

In Hattara you can take part in invigorating and fun program, such as sports, crafts and learning new skills.

Kajo-kilta can be found in the Hattara area. Kilta is there for traditional scouting activities: with Kilta you can get familiar with the scouting history, improve your scouting skills or have a camp fire.

To find out about the daily activities, remember to check the Kajo app and Kajo social media accounts. The information about the program can also be found in Välähtämö reception and Johtajahuolto info desk.

Recreational Leader Activities is located on the southern common areas.

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