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The patrols across different camp units, assignments and leading of explorers has beena hot topic during the Spring, and a lot of explorers have been unsure of their assignments and patrols. It has been an enormous undertaking to assign a patrol to each explorer, and not everything has gone according to plan. However, this does not mean that there wouldn’t be a patrol complete with its assignment and supporting leader waiting for each and every explorer in the camp. The advance meetings just have to take place in the beginning of the camp for some, as there wasn’t time to organise them before Kajo. 

Here are some last minute tips for those who still are confused of their patrol, assignment or supporting leader. All should primarily contact their supporting leader for any questions. If the question however is about a missing supporting leader, you can directly contact the leader of supporting leaders in your subcamp. They have access to all information about explorer patrols in your subcamp and they can also help you find your own supporting leader. There is a list of these leaders for each subcamp at the end of this article. 

Here are some answers to potential questions about explorers’ Kajo. 

I still haven’t got any information about my patrol or assignment. What should I do? 

The message from one’s supporting leader can have ended up in your spam folder. Some might also have a wrong email adress in the system, in which case the message has been sent to a wrong adress. Please check that you have given us your correct email adress and that this important message about your patrol hasn’t ended up in your spam folder. 

If you still cannot find the message, please contact the leader for supporting leaders in your subcamp via email before the camp, or come till Välähtämö at the camp. 

I have received a message from several different supporting leaders and now the people in my patrol have changed. What is correct? 

We have made changes to the explorer patrols during the Spring and Summer. For this reason the patrol, the assignment and the supporting leader may have changed for some of you. You can ask your supporting leader for the correct information. In any case, the most recent information is the most up-to-date and correct. 

I have received a message about my explorer patrol and the assignment even though I already have an assignment at Kajo. 

Don’t worry! No one has to do more than one assignment at the camp. Just let your supporting leader know that you already have an assignment and what it is. Information doesn’t always travel perfectly in a project this big. 

I have forgotten which days my assignment is on and where I should go then. 

You should primarily ask your supporting leader for this, or alternatively ask the others in your patrol. If you can remember the number of your patrol, you can check the information during the camp in the camp app Kajo Lux. You can find your patrol in the app with its number. 

Lastly, we wish to extend our apologies to those who have been troubled by all this. Soon will we all have come to Kajo where it’s a lot easier to resolve thes things face-to-face. You’ll also have a chance to meet the members of your patrol live! We will resolve everything at the camp, if not before. The explorers who are doing their assignments for two days during Kajo are absolutely crucial. Without the explorer patrols a great many of the camp’s functions and services would not work as wished. Please come with us and let’s make a brilliant Kajo! 

The leaders for supporting leaders in each subcamp (contact via email at without diacritics): 

Tuike / Timo Kervinen
Fotoni / Emmi Niitlahti & Anneli Tiililä
Loiste / Annamaria Suni & Marianna Hilakari
Hehku /Kirsi Koivusaari
Halo & Säde / Mikko Nurminen & Minni Koivisto

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