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At Kajo food is served four times a day; at breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus an evening snack. All meals are served at each subcamp to the participants of that subcamp. 

All subcamps will have vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options provided. All food will be lactose-free and will not contain any fish or nuts. The food will be prepared offsite. Juice and water will be available at meals.

All participants will need to have their own dishes and utensils.

Food Allergies or Dietary Restrictions 

There will be two separate kitchens for more severe food allergies and dietary restrictions. The location of these will be determined later on. 

All food allergies and dietary restrictions will need to be reported on your registration info on Kuksa by 31.3.2022. After that, any changes will need to be reported by email to kajo2022@partio.fi. Please note that will might not be able to accommodate all changes as we get closer to the camp dates.


The menus will be posted here before the camp starts.



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