The key to a good camp – good food!

The camp is almost here and there is one thing I bet we’re all thinking about – food! Here is everything you need to know about food at Kajo.


At Kajo food is served four times a day; at breakfast, lunch, and dinner plus an evening snack. All meals are served at each subcamp to the participants of that subcamp. 

All subcamps will have vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options provided. All food will be lactose-free and will not contain any fish or nuts. The food will be prepared offsite. Juice and water will be available at meals.

All participants will need to have their own dishes and utensils. 

You can find the camp menus here.


Kajo has a fair amount of different kinds of shops and cafeterias all around the camp area. The three cafes at Kajo are Hohde, Majakka and Vilkku. There is also a leader cafe (18+) called Lyhty. The cafes serve sweet and savory delights along with delicious coffee and cold drinks.

Along with the cafes, the camp will have ice cream stalls! The rescue for a hot day of camping can be found in the Plaza and the main street at the ice cream stalls. The delicious soft serve will cool even the hottest heads! Kajo’s ice cream stalls will definitely brighten up rainy days too. We’re looking forward to your visit!

Read more about the shops and cafes in the Kajoit’s book!

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