Kajoit’s Book holds everything you need to know

Kajo is just around the corner, so no wonder if you’re already craving information about the camp! The recently released Kajoit’s Book holds 75 pages of everything and all you need to know before and during the camp.

If the participant’s letter hasn’t found its way to your inbox, please check your spam. If you still can’t find it, no worries you can access it here.

The highly anticipated equipment list can now be found in the Kajoit’s book as well as additional information about the program, sub camps, cafes, internationality at the camp along with a lot more. If however you are left wondering about something not found in the book you can still always email us at international.kajo2022@partio.fi

A simple map of the camp area can be found on the back cover of the book, but you’ll be given a more detailed map at the camp. 

Make sure to download the book to your laptop or phone so every time you want to check something, you can find it right there.

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