Find your subcamp!

Subcamps at Kajo have got their names! Next summer every camper will found their own camp unit in the following subcamps… 

  • TUIKE, or as in English twinkle. Tuike will be led by subcamp team leaders Jussi Kukkonen & Sanna “SaPa” Parkkinen 
  • HALO which means same in Finnish and in English: circular band of coloured light, visible around for example the sun. Halo will be led by subcamp team leaders Meriina Karén & Jenni Pohjonen 
  • SÄDE as in beam of light. Säde will be led by subcamp team leaders Minna Sundman & Petra Siltanen 
  • HEHKU as in glow. Hehku will be led by subcamp team leaders Satu Mälkiä & Ville “ViGe” Nummela 
  • FOTONI meaning photon, the quantum of light. Fotoni will be led by subcamp team leaders Henna Porras & Ripsa “Pippuri” Heiskanen. One of the villages in Fotoni is aimed for families, the Family subcamp HIUKKANEN (a particle) which will be led by family service team leaders Jenni Pöllänen & Sini “Inis” Stolt 
  • LOISTE as in shine. Loiste will be led by subcamp leaders Katja Saarela & Raku Hautamäki 

Within the subcamps, the participants are divided into camp units. Each camp unit will have about 100 participants and they will be the ones who you’ll be living with during the camp. There are a 115 camp units and our international participants are divided into 58 of them. Find out which subcamp and camp unit you belong to from here.

Each subcamp also has a theme color! And all (sub)campers will get a camp neckerchief in the colors of their subcamp which will be worn during the camp. The subcamp color is on the right side of the neckerchief and the left side is white for everyone, making us all united. Even though we all come from different backgrounds and places and have our own neckerchiefs, at Kajo we are all going to share the same neckers.

By giving everyone the neckerchief we want to offer every single one of our participants a physical keepsake of the camp, no matter their financial status or background. So yes, you get to keep your necker even after the camp! The neckers are made sustainably with no fabric loss in the Baltic countries.

Along with the neckers, each participant will also receive a camp badge and a personal wristband that will also be used for making payments within the camp.

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