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Kajo is an accessible camp

Kajo is planned and executed to be as accessible as possible by considering the diverse needs of participants. Some of us are first-timers at a scout camp, and for others Kajo might be the tenth large-scale camp. Moreover, Kajo enables 100 Not-Yet-a-Scouters to try out scouting for two days at their own Test-camp. Remember to be helpful when you notice someone not knowing how to do things at a large camp. Remember to be helpful in general too!

Kajo is built to be as unobstructed, mindful of diversity, and linguistically accessible as possible. More detailed information can be found at the Accessibility’s Smoke, around Välähtämö.

The principals of more secure spaces
On Kajo, we act respectfully towards others. At the same time as we accept other as they are, we generate an even more rewarding camping experience for ourselves.

Everyone has the right to be and be heard as they are on Kajo.

  • I will not make room for violence, bullying, or discrimination on Kajo.
  • I will act without bias and hear everyone’s views.
  • Kajo has many kinds of participants and I appreciate it. I will give room for everyone to express themselves.
  • I will not assume everyone has the same views or capabilities as I do.
  • I will respect everyone’s personal space and boundaries.
  • I will respect and take care of myself, others, and the environment.
  • I will aim for a positive a

Our goals:

  • Kajo is accessible to as many as possible
  • Kajo increases the participants knowledge on accessibility and gives tools for accessible scouting within local groups
  • Kajo is linguistically accessible and the camp life goes smoothly regardless of the language and way of communicating
  • Disabled scouters are able to participate in the same program as everyone else. Leaders are available to assist in making the program accessible for all.
  • All religions and beliefs are noticed.
  • Kajo is as physically accessible as possible, making it easier for those who are physically challenged to participate. You will also be able to lend equipment for disabled people at Kajo.

Easy to come along

Kajo is planned with the Easy to come along guidelines in mind. The Easy to Come Along sign helps the organisers of Scouting and Guiding events and courses to acknowledge and consider different aspects that may hinder or prevent equal participation. The sign also makes it easier for participants to estimate if the event is accessible for them. The sign has sectors that pay attention to different needs. Nevertheless, the guidelines are not comprehensive. They encourage you to consider different needs and have open discussion. You can use the Easy to Come Along guidelines in your local group activities! Read more here.

Camp units

The camp units are responsible for making sure everyone in their unit is comfortable, safe and accepted. The camp coaches are there to help if needed.

Accessibility´s Tent

Next to Välähtämö is Accessibility’s Tent, which is open to everyone. There is, among other things,

  • Info desk about accessibility and diversity
  • Accessibility’s action track
  • Workshop of senses
  • Specialized program for those with physical limitations
  • Area for training and workshops
  • A spot for maintaining and borrowing equipment
  • Help for acute translational needs

Accessibility’s Tent is open primarily 9 am – 8 pm. Detailed opening hours and weekly program can be found out at the spot. You can reach the tent at 0403676626 and ask about anything and everything regarding accessibility.

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