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Like most big scout camps, Finnjamborees are too divided into smaller units to make life on the camp easier and more organized. Kajo has 6 subcamps which are each divided into 4 villages which consists of around 6 camp units.

Camp unit is the smallest unit of Finnjamboree that you will sleep, eat and participate in the activities with. One camp unit has around 100 Scouts in it. Each camp unit has its own Camp Unit Leader, Program Leader, and Camp Assignment Leader that will take care of you and your group. One camp unit consists of one or more Finnish local scout groups and possibly an international group.

Subcamps consist of around 25 camp units and have a total of 2000–3000 Scouts in them. The subcamps have their own schedules, meaning that one subcamp for example goes to one valley in a day. The subcamps also eat in their own kitchens.

The Finnjamboree is divided into the following six subcamps:

  • TUIKE, or as in English twinkle. Tuike will be led by subcamp team leaders Jussi Kukkonen & Sanna “SaPa” Parkkinen
  • HALO which means the same in Finnish and in English: a circular band of colored light, visible around for example the sun. Halo will be led by subcamp team leaders Meriina Karén & Jenni Pohjonen
  • SÄDE as in beam of light. Säde will be led by subcamp team leaders Minna Sundman & Petra Siltanen
  • HEHKU as in glow. Hehku will be led by subcamp team leaders Satu Mälkiä & Ville “ViGe” Nummela
  • FOTONI meaning photon, the quantum of light. Fotoni will be led by subcamp team leaders Henna Porras & Ripsa “Pippuri” Heiskanen. One of the villages in Fotoni is aimed at families, the Family subcamp HIUKKANEN (a particle) which will be led by family service team leaders Jenni Pöllänen & Sini “Inis” Stolt
  • LOISTE as in shine. Loiste will be led by subcamp leaders Katja Saarela & Raku Hautamäki

Each one of the subcamps has its own color and a neckerchief: this is how you can recognize your own subcamp.


The subcamps on the map.

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