The subcamps have got their names!

Subcamps in Kajo have got their names! Next summer every camper will found their own camp unit in the following subcamps… 

  • TUIKE, or as in English twinkle. Tuike will be led by subcamp team leaders Jussi Kukkonen & Sanna “SaPa” Parkkinen 
  • HALO which means same in Finnish and in English: circular band of coloured light, visible around for example the sun. Halo will be led by subcamp team leaders Meriina Karén & Jenni Pohjonen 
  • SÄDE as in beam of light. Säde will be led by subcamp team leaders Minna Sundman & Petra Siltanen 
  • HEHKU as in glow. Hehku will be led by subcamp team leaders Satu Mälkiä & Ville “ViGe” Nummela 
  • FOTONI meaning photon, the quantum of light. Fotoni will be led by subcamp team leaders Henna Porras & Ripsa “Pippuri” Heiskanen. One of the villages in Fotoni is aimed for families, the Family subcamp HIUKKANEN (a particle) which will be led by family service team leaders Jenni Pöllänen & Sini “Inis” Stolt 
  • LOISTE as in shine. Loiste will be led by subcamp leaders Katja Saarela & Raku Hautamäki 

Take a look at the map below, where each of these illuminating sub-camps is located on the campsite!


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