Safely Together -training

Everyone 15 years and older (Explorers, Rovers and Adults), including international participants, are required to complete the Finnish Safely Together training before Kajo begins. Safely Together is an online course aimed at all leaders working with children and youth in the Guides and Scouts of Finland to ensure a safe space for our children and youth, and give leaders tools to deal with possible problems.
If you were on Roihu, our previous finnjamboree, and had to complete the same training before that, you will need to do it again now, since the training is valid for 5 years.

Each recruiter (your “camp assignment boss”) is responsible for checking that their recruits have completed the course (such as a screenshot of the certificate). The camp unit leader checks the certificates of other camp unit staff members, and camp coaches check the certificates of camp unit leaders. The camp units can also check the certificates of their Explorers and Rovers (even though the recruiter also checks them). You could go through the safety course together with Explorers and Rovers before the camp during a discussion with a supporting leader.
The training takes a couple of hours to complete from beginning to end.

Please tell your group members to complete the course, and also do it yourself before arriving to Kajo.

You can find the course in English here. Since international participants don’t have PartioID, which Finnish scouts can use to access the national systems, you will need to register to the system and sign in in order to do the course. Make sure to save the certificate or take a screenshot of it!

Find the course here.

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