March Q&A event summary

Missed the Q&A events? No worries! A summary of the info and questions from the QnA/info event on March 19th has been released and you can find it here. Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about camp assignments, wifi, and phones. 

This is a summary of the info and questions from the Q&A/info event on March 19th, from both sessions combined. Here is the slide show that was shown at the event. 

March 2022 Q&A

As the camp is getting closer, we’ll know more and more about it and its details. Make sure to follow us on social media and read our monthly newsletters to stay posted! 


Q: Is there any confirmation email after you have completed the camp assignment questionnaire?  

 A: There isn’t a confirmation email and there have been problems with even Finnish camp assignment emails. Even after you have completed it, you will have some camp assignments. 


Q: When will the second camp assignment email be received? Is there any date on it? 

A: It should be coming very soon. The supervisors have different schedules, so the emails will come at different times. Supervisors have a deadline of a few weeks to send them. 


Q: We only have one explorer-aged participant. How will they go to the camp assignment, if they are done in explorer groups? 

A: Your explorer will have a group, with other explorers from the same camp unit. No explorer will be alone during the camp.  


Q: A person with a camp assignment (explorer leader) hasn’t heard from their supervisor yet, should we be concerned yet?  

A: No, be patient. The supervisors in all areas are busy sending all the information about the assignments right now, so wait for them to contact you very soon.  Explorer leaders should get information about their camps assignment in mid-April.  


Q: Which adults should take camp assignments? 

A: All adults that don’t have any other responsibilities. Everybody over 18 years must have some kind of job/assignment at the camp. Group leaders and adults supervising the children all day don’t need to have any other camp assignments.  

Some of the child-watching leaders might get to help the Kajo International team at some points of the camp.  

There will also be an odd-job board where you can pick up short assignments if you do have time to help around. (Duration few hours to under a day) 


Q: When will the busses pick us up/ bring us to pick-up points? 

A: It is still in the planning stage and we have no information for you yet. We will let you know as soon as we know.  


Q: Does the Safety Training site work in English? Is it camp-specific training? 

A: Yes, it should be working in English. The training is for all Finnish leaders, so some parts are not about being in a camp, but it is still needed to be done with every participant over the age of 18.  

Also, you can do it without the Partio-ID. After you have completed the course, please make sure to remember to save the diploma/pdf as proof that you have done it. After closing the site without a Partio-ID login you will lose your progress.  


Q: Is Wifi available for participants? 

A: We will find out very soon. There should be Wifi in cafes, but camp-wide Wifi is unfortunately not guaranteed.  


Q: Will the Kajo application work without the internet? 

A: The Kajo application does need an internet connection for most of its features. Most of the vital information can be found elsewhere in the camp, so you’ll be good even without a connection to the internet. 


Q: We heard you’re able to charge your power bank but not your phone. What is the difference? 

A: Charging only the power bank gives security to the charging. Banks are easier to leave unattended and are not as expensive and important as a phone. Some children might be afraid to leave their phones, so they would stand next to the loading phone and miss out on the programs.  

Also with a fully charged power bank, you’ll get your phone charged multiple times, which is more effective than charging your phone once! 


Q: How do the power bank charging stations work with the locks? 

A: We are finding it out. More information will come soon.  


Q: How can you wash your clothes? Is there going to be some kind of washing station? 

A: To our knowledge, there aren’t any common washing stations in the camp. So you might need to bring your own bucket and environmentally friendly soap to clean your clothes. Communicate with your Finnish group about washing line ropes or buckets if you think you’ll need to wash clothes. 


Q: Showers. Nordic countries have a different standard on nudity than others. The Scouts of Canada have their own regulations, that required the showers for adults and children to be separated, is that possible? 

A: There are two kinds of showers: common and separate ones, and the common is for women and men separately. The individual showers are limited, but there are some of those too. If you want to wash in a bathing suit, it is okay. The Finns (and others) will be naked in the common showers. 


Q: Is there any swimming possibilities? 

A: Yes, there is a lake where you can swim in. There will be designated swimming times for each camp unit: please note that you’re only allowed to go for a swim in your own time slot.  


Q: Does stuff get stolen in the camp (from the drying lines)? 

A: No, not really. There might be a very small chance something might get stolen, but the security at the camp does make sure nothing gets stolen.  

Generally in Finnjamboree people do not go to other’s areas to steal. Just don’t leave anything valuable in open places and keep your valuables (passport, money, etc.) with you.  


Q: What will Kajo have to sell in the camp? Foods, souvenirs, etc? 

A: We don’t know the specifics yet. The online camp store might tell some of the souvenirs, such as clothes, that might be sold in the camp. There will also be an outdoor equipment store, and food and ice cream stands. Kajo will also have several cafes all around the camp area. 


Q: Some people entered their names wrong in the registration. How long to update already entered information to correct ones? 

A: It was supposed to be done by the end of February, and unfortunately shouldn’t be possible anymore. But if there is any problem with the information, please send an email to the International email. This information could also be about the travel plans of the whole group. If there are any group-wide changes to the timetable, please contact the International email right away.  


Q: Will there be another QnA before the camp? 

A: Late May or early June, the date isn’t settled yet. And on a Saturday most likely.  

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