Kajo is finally here – stay up-to-date by downloading the Kajo Lux app!

Kajo Lux -camp app

Kajo Lux is the Finnjamboree Kajo’s own application. The app includes its user’s personal timetable, camp map with different functions, and other useful features. Some of the features are already available before the camp, so feel free to check them out. The app requires internet cennection to work, but some features are available offline as well.

The application is downloadable at Google Play –store and App Store (for iOS).

Downloading the app

  1. Download the app from Google Play-store or App Store, the app is called KAJO LUX.
  2. When signing in the app will send you a confirmation code via text. The code will only be sent to one number, but the account can be used on multiple devices, for example, the scout at camp and their parents.

In case of any issues: 

  • Make sure you use the same number as you did for the registration for the camp. 
  • In case your phone number has changed please send an email to international.kajo2022@partio.fi. 
  • Each participant must have their own phone number in order to login into the app.
  • If a child has their guardian’s number registered and they do not have their own number, their number can be changed to 00000000. 

Please note! The app has an age limit of 17 in the App Store. This is unfortunately an Apple feature and Kajo has not set it and can’t change it. If you are unable to download the app that is not an issue at the camp.

You can override this feature by using the Ask to Buy feature. Read more about it here.

If you are unable to download the app but want to transfer money in the Corego-wristbands before the camp, a guardian can download the app. Please make sure to use the same number as you did for the registration for the camp.

Paying at Kajo

Paying on Kajo happens with Corego-wristbands, which are distributed on arrival day. Money is transferred to the wristbands which speed up the functions when paying at the camp’s places of sales. Payment cards are also accepted. Cash is used only at a few places of sales.

By downloading the Kajo Lux –app on your smart device, you can transfer money before and during the camp to the wristband. Money can be transferred to the wristband by cash or payment cards on the campsite at the transfer points. On the first camp day, the support team can help set up the wristband.

The Corego-wristband also works as a camp identifier, indicating the wearer’s age group. It must be kept on throughout the entire camp. If the wristband is lost, the funds on it can be transferred to a new wristband.

How to transfer money into the wristband via smart device

  1. Download the Kajo Lux –app from the Play Store or App Store.
  2. Go to “Tili” from the main menu and change to English by clicking “In English”
  3. Logging in happens with the confirmation code sent to the smart device. The code is sent to only one phone number, but the account can be logged into on multiple devices. As an example, both the participant and parent can log in to transfer money and follow payment history.
  4. Transfer money by pushing the “Add funds to wristband” -button.
  5. Link the wristband to the event account by pressing the “Connect identifier” -button during the camp’s first day.

How to pay with the wristband

  1. Show your items at the cash register.
  2. Hold the wristband on the reader device for about 1 second.
  3. You will see the sum of the remaining funds on the wristband from the reader device.

What happens to the remaining funds on the wristband when the camp ends?

The remaining funds downloaded via Kajo Lux –app will be returned automatically to the same payment method used. Only the funds downloaded on the camp, by cash or payment cards, cannot be returned.


At Kajo’s mid-camp ceremony, we will play a huge terrain game that will utilize a mobile app called ActionTrack. If possible, download the app beforehand. Do not worry if it is not possible! The actual game begins at the mid-camp ceremony, and you will play it in groups of five. It is more than enough if at least one person in a group has access to the app can download the free application ActionTrack to your smartphones from the application store: Google Play & App Store.

Before the camp, ActionTrack has a preview game. You can try it out to get familiar with the app and get some fresh air. The preview game is fast and simple to play. Moreover, the best part is that testers are part of a giveaway of camp products!  

You can try out the preview game by scanning this QR code in the app, or by typing this code 5358d390. 


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