June Q&A event summary

The fourth and final QnA for international groups was organised on 4.6. Here you can find the info we shared, the slides we showed and the questions that were asked, with their answers, of course. See you all soon at Kajo!  


Safely Together 

Every explorer, rover and adult must have the Safely Together online training completed before Kajo. You can find the training here: https://moodle.partio.fi/enrol/index.php?id=442 

Q: Do you have to print out the certificate? 

A: Have a screenshot of the certificate or download the pdf-file as you complete the training.  

Q: How long does it take to complete? How hard is it? 

A: Depends on how well you do it. It can be blown through in 30 minutes, but taken seriously 2 hours max. It is basic safety training. When to intervene in situations, bullying, meant for Finnish leaders of groups.  

Q: How do I know if my group members have done the training? 

A: The system doesn’t allow even Finns to check who have done it. If you want to know, ask them to send also you the certificate. 

Q: What if someone hasn’t done when they get to the camp? 

A: We sit them down to do it at the first day of camp. However, since everyone, including the person having to do the training, would surely rather be doing something else at that point, please have it done beforehand. 


App and wristbands 

There will be a camp app that replaces the participant’s handbook that Finnjamborees have typically had. It has all kinds of information about the camp and everything that can be done there. It is not yer published, but should be coming during June. 

Everyone will have a wristband that not only shows wich age group they belong to, but will also have an NFC-chip. This chip will be connected to the wearer’s info and can be used as identification at for example first aid stations and the special diets kitchen. It can also be used to pay at the camp. Money can be sent to the wrisrband through the app, in which case only money used will be used up and rest will return to the person, and with a card or cash at the campsite. 

Parents can also add money to the wristband from home, if they download the app and register in with the participant’s phone number (the phone number that is marked as the participant’s own number in the registration information.) This registering should be done before the camp. Money can also be added to the wristband already before the camp, and it will become available when the participant arrives at the campsite and connects their wristband to their information. 

A card can also be used to pay at the camp, as well as cash in some places. Wristband or contactless payment with card are preferred, because they are faster and easier than the other options, and mean there’s no need to handle cash, which brings its own issues with hygene and storage. 

Instructions for how all this practically works will be available before the camp. 

Q: Does the app work without an internet connection? 

A: The basic parts do, yes. However, more content will be uploaded continuously throughout the camp, and these obviously won’t be loaded to your phone without an internet connection. 

Q: When will the app be released? 

A: It will be released in June.  

Q: How will it be known when it’s released? 

A: It will most likely be put out on a letter or on the Kajo sites.  

Q: Limit on how old the telephone is for the app? 

A: Android app store says android version 5.0 or up.  

Q: Will the app be downloadable from outside Finland? 

A: It definitely should be. If you can’t find it on the app store by the end of June, please let us know. 

Q: Is it like the one on another jamboree, where you can connect the wristband to others’ and share contact info? 

A: No. The wristband is connected to the participant’s information, but there’s no system to share info to others through the wristband. 

Q: Do you need a Finnish bank account to add money to the wristband? 

A: No, the payments through the app can be done with a normal credit or a debit card. The card doesn’t have to be Finnish. 

Q: When are the detailed instructions going to be available? 

A: Hopefully soon, we don’t know the exact schedule. 

Q: A lot of info only in Finnish on the web page. Is the app going to have some kind of dictionary and info in English? 

A: The app will be in all 3 languages and it will have a dictionary for camp/scouting related words. 


Basics about the camp page 

We have collected some basic information about Finnish scouting and Finnjamborees  that will be useful for all international participants to know before coming onto the Basics about the camp https://kajo2022.fi/en/about-kajo/basics-about-the-camp/  page on the website. Especially if you’ve never been to a Finnish scout camp, please do go read it. Tell also your group members to do that. 


Finnish summer weather 

The weather during a Finnish summer can be anything between about 10°C and raining and 30°C and sunny, so you need to prepare for anything and everything. It’s also possible to see both extremes during the 9-day camp.  

Q: Is there an app that would show if there will be rain incoming etc.? 

A: Foreca and FMI are good. The default weather apps on phones are pretty good as well, at least the Apple one is pretty reliable. These are usually reliable for the next couple of days, but the further you look at, the more unreliable it gets (ie. it can change drastically). The forecast for a week from now can change multiple times before we’re there. 



Finns camp in forests, so that is what the campsite is. This is unlike typical big international scout camps like world jamborees which are on a field. There are bushes, tree, not open to elements. If it doesn’t rain, the 13000 people at the camp will kick up a lot of dust from the dirt road and forest floor. If you need glasses, take normal glasses. Contact lenses are not good with the dust in the campsite. 

There are wasps at the campsite, though how much varies a bit on where at the campsite you are. There may also be some ticks, that may carry TBE or Lyme disease. However, your camp unit will hopefully have the equipment to remove the ticks, so it will be very easy and quick to do. 

Q: Mosquitos? 

A: Yes, there will be those too. Luckily Finnish mosquitos are just annoying and their bites itchy, but no diseases. 

Q: Blueberries? 

A: Yes, Finnish forests are full of Eurasian blueberries, or bilberries. Beware you don’t sit on them, as they ruin your clothes. If you recognise them (there are other dark blue berries in Finland, some poisonous), go ahead and eat them before setting your tent on them and before they all get trampled by the thousands of people moving around. 



Camp assignments have not all been all allocated yet, even now, though a lot of international participants have gotten theirs already after the QnA. Henni and Lotta’s international HR team with the general camp HR is doing their best. You can ask HR to give lists of teen’s assignments to leaders.  

Q: What to do if you haven’t heard back from your allocated camp assignment? 

A: You can try emailing your assignment supervisor again. If there’s still no reply, email us at International and we can ask the right people about what’s going on. 

Q: Do we need to know the groups’ individual assignments as a group leader? 

A: Not necessary, the assignment supervisors will communicate all of the necessary info to the assignees. If you want to know your group member’s assignments, especially those of the explorers, you can always send email to the international address, and we’ll see if we can get you one. 



Q: Will there be wifi at the campsite? Is it free?  

A: We know especially international participants need to have places where they can access the internet. There will be some places to use wifi. It’s not entirely clear in where is it. It will definitely not be the whole campsite though. Most likely cafes and info points or the like, but we don’t know yet. It is free, where it is at all.  

Q: Will kids be alright without a phone or the app? 

A: There is always someone you can ask. It is not necessary. Not everyone needs to have it. It’s handy to have, but the information will come out in other ways too. 

Q: Will there be enough charging stations for everyone? 

A: We encourage participants to charge power banks instead of their phones. Charging stations will be all around the camp. The participants are responsible for having the right cables/plugs (eg. adapters) to charge their power banks. At least some of the charging stations have a  can be locked with your own lock so that you can leave your power banks there. Technically no one is stopping for you to leave your phone there, but the power banks are not as valuable to steal as your phone. 

Q: What kind of outlets will the charging stations have? 

A: The general Finnish one, not a USB-port. Finland has European outlets, with two round pins. 

Read more about phones at Kajo and pictures of charging station prototypes on the page Phones at the camp https://kajo2022.fi/en/life-on-kajo/phones-at-the-camp/  



Q: Will there be more info coming regarding the transportation before the camp or do the group leaders need to organize that? 

A: Yes there will. The logistics are still being figured out, but when it’s done we will send information to the groups. 

Q: Transportation shuttle, is there times and addresses for that? 

A: There will be. Transportation is working on it. There is missing information from some groups, why it’s taking so long. We hope to send you info on it soon. (It’s not a shuttle, as in it’s not going to be running continuously back and forth to the camp and you can just hop on. It will be specific busses running at specific times that need to have specific people on them in order for everyone to fit on and get to the camp) 

Entry points will have Kajo persons helping you to find the busses! 


Q: Is there going to be day trips (to eg. Hämeenlinna) or something similar at this Finnjamboree? 

A: No, we didn’t organize day trips from the Finnjamboree this time. 

Q: Is there going to be a book for camp units that has all of the info? 

A: Yes there will be a book (leirilippukuntaopas) for camp units, though at this point it is unclear whether any of it or how much of it will be in English, as it si meant for the camp units’ leadership trios, who are all Finns. 

Q: Is there going to be a letter for participants (with eg. packing instructions) before the camp? 

A: Yes, soon, if it’s not already out. 

Q: What can be expected for daily life at the camp? Food, activities etc.? Are these things done with the host group or should the international groups figure these out themselves? 

A: The Finnish groups will help with the international groups with the daily tasks. The twin groups have the same schedules for activities and meals etc. The international group is a part of their camp unit in exactly the same way as the Finnish troops, and the same rules and schedules will apply to everyone. As a reminder, Finns are very punctual and hope that everyone is on time. Also, in Finland the time given is the time you are expected to be there. Even better if you’re a few minutes early. 

Q: Is there anything for the international participants for the Visitors’ day? 

A: The same as for everyone else, whether they have visitors or not. There may be some additional pop-up programs. 

Q: Is there a time when the camp units can have their own evening program? 

There should be nights with no joint programme for the whole camp when there should be time for something like this, but it’s best to ask your twin group and organize it with them. 

Q: How do meals work? Will there be a specific time slot when we need to go eat, or can you go whenever while the meal is served? 

A: Yes, there will be a time slot for when your camp unit goes to subcamp kitchen. Not having everyone there at once means the lines will stay relatively short and all will run smoothly. Camp unit leader has info on your food times. However, if for example you’re in your assignment or have a similarly good reason and can’t make it to your camp unit’s time slot, it’s okay to go get food when you have the time to do that. 

Q: The Kajo shop? Stuff to sale on the internet. Is it possible to buy products and have them ready in the campsite? 

A: Yes. As the store doesn’t have shipping abroad, if you order it from the internet, it will be ready at the campsite waiting for you. This will automatically happen if you put in a non-Finnish shipping address. 

Q: Will there be a shop at the campsite with camp equipment? 

A: Yes, Scandinavian Outdoor Store will have a store at the campsite. They will of course only have a limited selection, but yes. We don’t know what exactly they will and won’t have. 

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