Culture Bash

Do you have a special play, game, or something else from your culture, that you want to show and teach others at Kajo? If so, this is your chance! Culture Bash is an evening event on Kajo, where participants can visit other subcamps, meet new people, play new games and see different cultures from Finland and all around the world. 

You can already start planning and thinking about what your group wants to showcase to other Kajo participants. It can be something from your country or culture, something to eat, a special game or anything else! The Culture Bash evening event will be held on the 17th of July at Kajo, more specific information will come later on. In order for us, the organizers, to be prepared for your showcase, we will send out a forms questionnaire in the June newsletter, asking you about your specific showcase: keep a lookout for that. We’re excited to get to know more about your cultures! 


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