Contribute to the camp videos!

The main stage of the camp is where all the joint program is held. In between the programs we are going to show short videos from the participants. We’d love to see also our international participants tell their greetings there! 

Here are the technical instructions for the videos: 

  • Video must be horizontal: the preferred ratio is 16:9 
  • The resolution should be at least 1080p and the frame rate 30. Most of the phone’s film with this resolution: please check yours on your phone settings! 
  • If possible, please use an external microphone to ensure the audio quality is good enough for the big screen and audio equipment. 
  • If you want audio effects or music, we recommended adding them afterward on an editing program! 
  • Please pay attention to the audio being in balance. 
  • If you have a tripod, image stabilization or gimbal, please use them! This makes the video more stable and of better quality. 
  • Try to avoid purposeless movements such as shaking and swings of the camera and filmed subject. 
  • The preferred length is 15-20 seconds, which is the length of an average Instagram story or TikTok video. Unfortunately, we can’t accept videos longer than 20 seconds. If you have material for a longer video, you can try to make multiple shorter videos. 
  • Please send your finished videos to our email at by the end of May. Note: if your video is larger than 25Mb, you might not be able to send it as an email attachment. To send larger files you can use a file transfer service such as WeTransfer. 

Some creative instructions, inspiration, and video ideas: 

  • Your video can be simply just you or your group saying hello in your own language or greetings from your country. 
  • Does your group have a call, chant, or song? We’d love to hear it! 
  • Use this chance to show us your scouting uniform, badges, mascot, meeting place, camping area… Whatever you and your group hold dear! 
  • If you have a special talent such as playing an instrument, feel free to show it off! Just remember to keep the video under 20 seconds.  
  • You could also film your favorite place in your country or make a collage of beautiful landscapes from where you are from. 

Whatever your video idea is, we are looking forward to seeing it! 

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