Kajo during times of conflict

Understandably, the ongoing conflict has raised some questions among you, on whether it is safe to travel to Europe, Finland and Kajo. The security situation in Finland is normal and traveling to Finland is safe. We will together with the authorities, closely monitor how things are developing in Europe and will keep you updated on possible major changes in the situation. In the meantime, preparations of the camp continue normally. The Guides and Scouts of Finland, together with Kajo, condemn the war that is going on between Russia and Ukraine. You can read more about it in The Guides and Scouts of Finland support Ukraine.

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs

The Ministry for foreign affairs is monitoring the situation closely. On their site, you can find all the current recommendations and restrictions for traveling to Finland, as well as further information about the security situation here. Please follow this page if you feel any concerns about traveling to Kajo: https://um.fi/frontpage

Help for processing this with your scouts

The Guides and Scouts of Finland have gathered a package of information and links, to help you as leaders to tackle this hardship, if you would want to do so: https://scouts.fi/scoutmedia/a-scout-is-a-builder-of-peace-an-upholder-of-peace-and-a-defender-of-peace/

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