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Want to send a letter or a postcard home from Kajo? No problem! You can purchase postcards and stamps from the camp shops and cafes.

Outward mail is collected from the main square service point as follows:

Monday 18th , Wednesday 20th and Friday 22nd – between 12 pm and 2 pm

Tuesday 19th and Thursday 21st – between 10 am and 11 am

Please deliver mail to the service point by 9 am on the day you would like it to be mailed out. Inward mail is delivered at the aforementioned times.

Mail can be sent to Kajo from the 15th of July onward. Please make sure to include all the details listed below to ensure the mail will find the right recipient.

Please note! Unfortunately we cannot receive parcels at the camp.

Kajo 2022 Finnjamboree
Saukonojantie 27, 16970 Hämeenlinna
Participant’s name
Camp unit
Subcamp and camp unit number

You can find the camp unit and subcamp info here: 

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